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30, Oct 2022
The Best Strength Training Exercise for Soccer – Power up Your Soccer Game!

Include kettlebell swings in your soccer strength- and conditioning training program to improve your play on the field. If I had to pick one exercise to elevate your strength and conditioning for Mitom TV, the single-arm overhead kettlebellsnatch would it.

This single lift will increase core strength and hip power as well as explosiveness and shoulder stability. Vertically lifting the bell off the ground or between the legs and holding it there until you reach your head. In order to generate enough pulling velocity to raise the kettlebell to an elevated position lateral, you must forcefully flex the legs and extend the hips. This “high pulling motion” should be reminiscent of pulling back on an archery bow. After the kettlebell is in this elevated position, you can then finish the lift by vertically pinning your palm towards heaven. This is the place you’ll find all the physical advantages you need to excel on the soccer pitch. This lift will help you be more physical and make it difficult for your opponent to take the field with you.

If you don’t incorporate kettlebells into your strength-training routines, you will be hindering your progress and limiting the potential of your body. You need knowledge and patience to train your muscles for dominance in any sport. You can access my other articles on the subject for free. This will motivate you. Anyone can train hard, but only champions can train smart!