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26, Jul 2022
Description of the Job as a Kijiji London, Ontario movers Coordinator

Although this is a rare job, it requires you to be organized, multitasking, and good communication skills. The Kijiji London, Ontario movers coordinator assists individuals and businesses in organizing and managing their moves. You may be asked to perform the following tasks:

* Give cost estimates for the move
* The final payment information is shown in the figure below
* Arrange the start and end dates
* Time estimation
* Communication with customers and the relocation state about the move

Depending on which company you work for, your responsibilities as a Kijiji London, Ontario movers coordinator include driving the moving truck, planning the route and managing employees who move the furniture and boxes. A mover coordinator could also have sales or negotiation responsibilities. You may need to negotiate details such as the price and contract with customers. You might also have to talk with the customer by phone or in person, and address any concerns, problems, or questions that they may have.

You will need to schedule and organize moves so that your company can offer moving services to customers. Customers will need to be consulted in order to choose the most convenient time and date. The scheduler for the movers who load, unload and drive the trucks may be the responsibility of a mover coordinator. The mover coordinator must be organized and have good memory to ensure that all moves are completed on time.

The Kijiji London, Ontario movers coordinator might be responsible for finding accommodation for employees who are moving out of state. The mover coordinator might be asked to drive the truck, load or unload valuable items such as fragile or high-value boxes. A supervisor is responsible for overseeing several moving coordinators in a moving company. While the other coordinators might have to travel with the truck, the supervisor will stay in the office.

The job description of the mover coordinator is that they act as the contact person for potential customers. They also oversee the move and make sure everything goes according to plan.


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